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Services Offered

Locally to the south bay area, and virtually to all of California and Michigan.

I offer and encourage a free screening via zoom, phone, or in person to help determine if Small Strides OT is the best fit for your child, and make additional recommendations as needed.

OT Treatment

Treatment sessions are typically 45-minutes in length on a weekly basis, but may vary depending on your child's specific needs.

$100 - 30 minutes

Consultation services involve discussion of and providing suggestions regarding your child's daily challenges and goal areas. I consult on modifications that may best set your child up for success in their daily living activities whether it be related to sensory strategies, environmental modifications, or supports with daily routines. Consultations can be done in person, via phone, or zoom call. Consultations may also involve collaboration with other professionals in your child's life such as their teacher or another therapist.

School Visits

Do you have concerns with your child's performance at school, where they don't have access to services? I'm able to coordinate a plan with teachers to observe your child for a short duration of their school day in order to determine if an OT evaluation is necessary; and/or make recommendations to support your child in the school environment. 

OT Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation of your child's strengths, difficulties, and discussion of parent concerns, using standardized assessments, to develop a well-rounded treatment plan for your child. 

Safe and Sound Protocol

The SSP Protocol is a music + listening program  designed to reduce sound sensitivities, improve auditory processing, behavioral state regulation, and social engagement. 

What is OT?

Occupations involve anything meaningful that "occupies" your child's time. 

Below are some of the various areas of occupations/daily living skills that OT can address. 

Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills
  • Coloring within the lines

  • Scissor skills

  • Prewriting and Handwriting

  • Completing puzzles, shape sorters

  • Building and Construction toys

Motor Planning and Coordination
  • Coordination with movement and tool use

  • Learning new skills

  • Playing movement games or playing on the playground

Activities of Daily Living
  • Dressing skills​

  • Fasteners (buttons, shoe tying, snaps)

  • Grooming/Hygiene (bathing, brushing teeth, toileting)

Sensory Processing
  • Tolerating clothing, textures, and grooming/hygiene tasks

  • Body awareness, balance and coordination

  • Sensitivity to sounds or busy environments

Executive Functioning
  • Sequencing multistep activities​

  • Organizing, planning and completing tasks

  • Attention

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Preparing snacks

  • Completing chores and basic household tasks

Sleep and Rest
Play Participation
  • Bedtime routines

  • Calm down strategies

  • Being able to participate in desired age appropriate leisure and play activities

  • Ability to learn new skills or tasks without excessive effort

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